Women’s volleyball team dominates

Mustangs take the lead in four set game.

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

Los Medanos Women’s Volleyball team dominated in a 3-1 victory in 4 sets against Contra Costa College. The entire game seemed in the favor of the Lady Stangs. They didn’t stop their aggressiveness from the first set.

Right from the start, the game was as one-sided as any blowout game would be. The first set was the closest as the final score for the first set was 25-21 LMC. The second set was all Mustangs, as LMC took that match with ease via the score 25-13. 

During those two sets, LMC was playing well with the spikes, sets, blocks, and passing. They worked as a well-oiled machine that seemed unstoppable. Contra Costa had no answers for these plays as they showed frustration during the second set. Contra Costa called for a timeout twice in the second set as their players were making simple mistakes. Even with the timeouts, the Mustangs kept their momentum rolling as they were looking for the 3-0 sweep after the set.

In the third set, however, Contra Costa demonstrated better teamwork and won the match 25-21 looking for the reverse sweep. The Mustangs made mistakes as it looked like they were slowing down thinking they had it in the bag. After the third match, the match was 2-1 in favor of the Mustangs and both coaches were giving it their all to lead their team to the victory.

In the fourth set, the Mustangs brought their aggressiveness back and defeated the Comets by a score of 25-16 giving them a 3-1 game victory. 

Noelle Mixon led the Mustangs with the most assists, while Kamara Philips-Alberto led with the most points. Leila Caralos led the Mustangs in aces. Elane Johnson was the biggest defender for the Mustangs as she had 4 blocked shots that led to points for LMC.    

The entire game was one-sided as the Mustangs rolled through Contra Costa, and the team seeks to even their record on the road. The Mustangs next 2 volleyball games are on the road against Mendocino and West Hills. The next home game that is scheduled for the Mustangs in LMC is on Oct. 14th against Marin. There is technically a home game on Oct. 10 against Ohlone, but that game will be at West Hills.

For more information on the Women’s Volleyball team, visit www.losmedanos.edu/volleyball/