For the love of the game: Litzy Ramirez


Erick Amaya, Staff Writer

Freshman midfielder Litzy Ramirez currently ranks third in Bay Valley Conference for leading goal-scorer, at 14 goals. She has a total of 35 points, 28 for her 14 goals, and seven for her seven assists on the season. 

However, her success as a soccer player did not begin here at Los Medanos College. This is a story that dates back to her early childhood in Guadalajara, a city in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Ramirez was born on February 12, 2000, and is currently 19 years old. 

Her interest in soccer began when she was six years old because her father played the sport, “My dad played on three teams, and that’s when he taught me how to play,” she said. Soon after, she began playing street soccer with her neighborhood children. “This is where I played and developed my skill.” 

At 11 years old, she began playing club soccer with “Chivas,” after her father decided to sign her up for a real team. She admits that playing club soccer was difficult in the beginning because there were no girl’s teams, so had was forced to play with boys.The joy of playing club soccer only lasted two years, because when she was thirteen years old, registration became too expensive to afford. 

Ramirez went without playing for three years. During that time, she moved to Pittsburg. Within a month of living on American soil, she landed a tryout with Diablo Football Club from Concord. There, she met current LMC Soccer head coach Zach Sulivan. It did not take long for her to be accepted to play at DFC, but she had trouble with fitness after three years on no action. 

She enrolled in Pittsburg High School, where she played on the varsity team for three years. “I went to tryouts, and made varsity as a freshman,” said Ramirez. After the soccer season at PHS, she did not return to DFC because the team had dissolved. Her talent would not be shut down again, a coach from Pittsburg Youth Soccer Club made her an offer to join the club so they she could continue playing. 

“I was offered free registration, and since I didn’t want to stop playing, I changed clubs,” she said. There, she played two years. 

As a high school senior, she joined Delta Youth Soccer League’s competition team. “The first game I played with Delta, I scored a hat-trick,” said Ramirez. 

Following her senior season at PHS, Coach Sullivan contacted her to form a part of LMC Soccer. Ramirez has proven to be a star recruit in her first season of collegiate soccer. 

The obstacle of communicating with her coaches and teammates has not been a challenge because her teammates have been very helpful in translating and attempting to speak Spanish. “I like my teammates because we are united, and the girls don’t shame me for not speaking English fluently.”