Mustangs storm over Napa Valley

Joseph Johnson, @PicassoJoe

The Los Medanos College Women’s Volleyball team faced off against Napa Valley College Oct. 25, shutting the team out and winning all the matches over Napa Valley.

In the first set, both teams got off to a competitive start but it was clear the Mustangs had the advantage from the beginning with the energy they had brought in the opener of the match.

LMC won the first match 17-25.

During the second set, Napa Valley struggled to score a point and could not keep up with the pressure that the Mustangs were applying to their team. 

LMC won the second set, 25-11, leading the game 2-0.

For the third and final set, Napa Valley came out fighting as if they were not going to roll over and lose to the Mustangs. Because of this, a lot of back and forth playing happened between the teams.

The Mustangs had caught momentum late after Napa Valley stuck with them the whole match, true competitors. 

Though Napa Valley scored 18 points, in the end the Mustangs came out on top with the final set score being 25-18. 

This ended the game, having LMC win it 3-0.

The last time the Mustangs faced off against Napa Valley, it ended up in the same situation with LMC shutting them out 3-0. 

The Mustangs came into this game with fans and coaching staff cheering and confident with what the outcome of the game would be.

After getting shut out to the College of Solano and West Valley College, the Mustangs turned things back around quickly and won their game in a shutout fashion as well and look to keep on rolling with their healy one game winning streak starting off from their last two games.

After the game, it was all excitement for the team.

“Good game good win, now we are back on track and building our winning streak,” said  Shelby Bryant.

The women’s Volleyball team is 7-1 in their conference, 4-4 at home, 4-4 away, and 6-4 on their neutral games, combining a total of 14-12 on the season.

Their next game will be at Marin College, Oct. 30, and the last time these two teams faced off, the Mustangs won comfortably winning 3-1, see if they can carry their momentum into the next one.

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