LMC defeats San Jose


Anthony Martinez

Linebacker Heamasi Latu atempts to make a defensive play during a football game against San Jose City College Jaguars.

Hugo Calderon, @Hugothegreat09

Despite the fact that San Jose City College had three interceptions and 14 penalties, which amounted to a loss of 129 yards, the Los Medanos College Football team managed to come out on top with a 13-7 victory against the Jaguars.

LMC’s (1-1) first drive of the season on home soil resulted in a touchdown, courtesy of Jaiden Woodson’s 84 yard rush, averaging 7.5 yards per carry throughout the game.

Quarterback Nikita Jegers threw three interceptions and 75 yards during the game, but wishes to improve in future games.

“It’s difficult [to maintain focus], you throw an interception and you start to think ‘man this isn’t working, gotta change the game plan…’ but no, you have to stick to the game plan,” said Jegers. “We had a lot of penalties but we’ll come back next week.”

Out of the three picks, San Jose only managed run 26 yards combined. Myles Walker rushed 38 yards and Tre’Vante Daniels rushed for 14 yards on their respective interceptions.

Javier Hernendez went two for three in the game, with his final two field goals resulting in the win.

“Javier does a great job for us. He’s there on a day to day basis working,” said head coach Chris Shipe.

San Jose found themselves first and goal on two occasions, but could not find the endzone on either, with LMC’s defense holding out against the Jaguars offence.

The Mustangs limited San Jose to one touchdown the whole game, despite their 173 yard advance and 125 yard rush.

“This entire week we focused on winning the penalty game and at first we came out strong, but when the second hit, we started to get sloppy. This made it harder for us to seal the game,” said Linebacker Masi Laitu. “We improved dramatically within this past week and we all are playing with trust and no fear. We all did our assignments and played together and that goal line stop proved how strong we are. It’s what we do.”

San Jose’s sole touchdown came in the fourth quarter with only thirty seconds on the clock. Ladale Combs’ one yard rush found him in the endzone to put his team on the board, but it had come too late in the game.

“Offensively, we just weren’t moving the ball, we were making too many mistakes. We kept giving them opportunity after opportunity to score. It should not have been that close but our defence played well. They carried us this game for sure,” said Coach Shipe. “I think we ran the ball well. Our receivers made a couple of big catches that they needed to.”

LMC travels to Cabrillo College for its non conference game on Sept. 21.