Staff take talents to the field

Alex Camilli,

Homeruns were commonplace on the Los Medanos College softball field May 4 as the LMC staff gathered to show their athletic prowess. Two predetermined teams of LMC instructors and staff participated in seven engaging innings of softball typically held every year near the end of the spring semester.

The teams were named after the well-known local major league teams, the A’s and Giants, and each organized a batting lineup that consisted of more than eight players. In later innings, additional players came to assist in batting which showed how welcoming the atmosphere was. The A’s emerged victorious, winning 10-3.

Information Technician Elaine Ortiz, who played for the A’s commended the sportsmanship of everyone who came onto the field.

“This is a good-natured environment where anybody is welcome to come to play,” she said.

Her performance at the start the betting lineup was explosive and set the tone for the friendly exhibition because everyone came to show they were ready to compete.

Math Instructor Kwadwo Poku’s friendly demeanor and humorous remarks increased his team’s morale as the A’s maintained a consistent lead throughout the innings. Instructor Phil Torres, who was on the Giants team, said competition is a staff bonding activity.

“I met some cool people and had a good time, wish we can do it more throughout the year though,” Torres said.

Though the game was mostly one-sided the objective was to enjoy one another’s company in a competitive setting. Jokingly, the spectators communicated with the players in a friendly manner, making the experience all the more euphoric.

Multiple double plays wowed the audience and increased the pace of the game. After the contest the players commended one another’s efforts before gathering on the bleachers to consume the hot dogs and waters provided for them.

Bookstore staff Andrew Murphy said after the game how enjoyable it is reuniting with great people he doesn’t get to see on a daily basis at campus.

“I would say it’s a good way to let off steam towards the end of the semester and it’s a good way for us to bond,” he said.