Stangs deny Laney a win

Hugo Calderon

Despite Laney’s hardest attempts to come back into the game, including a five run inning, Los Medanos managed to withstand the pressure coming out on top with a final score of 10-5. Riley Cleary’s two RBI single drew the first blood, hitting a ground ball and also scoring a run in the same inning. The Mustangs ended the inning leading 3-0.

Another one of the runs came from Vince Lontz who scored two runs in the game, 29 in total for the season.

“I felt good you know, early on in the season I felt confident, contributing and helping the team out,” said Lontz.“It felt really good to help the team win.”

By the time the seventh inning rolled around, Los Medanos was in complete control of the game, leading 7-0.

Laney led a charge to try to come back in the seventh inning, scoring five runs. With all of the bases loaded, Broderick Reed was able to walk a run. Andrew Acuavera, Kevin Whitaker, and Falcon Magana all hit RBI singles. Ryan Jenkins got on base by HBP allowing Sammy Esparza to walk to home plate. At the end of the inning, The Eagles were only trailing by two runs.

Most teams would tremble under the pressure but the Mustangs responded by adding three more runs on the board.

“I don’t think we felt any pressure, I think we did what we were supposed to do in terms of the plays we needed to make to get out of that thing and limit the damage the best we could,” said head coach Anthony D’Albora. “We’re doing a better job at the skill stuff really. We’re getting a bunch of hits and that’s great really but we had plenty of games earlier in the year when we were getting a bunch of hits but we weren’t getting runs.”

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