Battle of the Bay: LMC style

The heated rivalry between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics is one of the most famous clashes of all time in sports and on Friday, Sept. 29 the rivalry continued to create dramatics after the A’s vs. Giants Los Medanos College staff softball game.

What began as a simple softball game with LMC employees, soon evolved into a friendly scrimmage in which members imitated their favorite Bay Area Major League Baseball team.

“It started out as Los Medanos College faculty against staff workers,” said former LMC and current DVC grounds worker Steve Valencia. “Later it became whoever liked the Giants played for the Giants and whoever liked the A’s played for the A’s.”

However, the reason for an event like this doesn’t really have to do with proving which is the best Bay Area baseball team.

“It’s a great way for staff and faculty to get to know each other and have fun at the same time,” said Bookstore Manager and Softball Giants Manager Robert Estrada. “A lot of times we don’t see each other that much because it’s cross department but this is how to get visit people that we don’t see as often,” said Estrada.

Not only is it a nice event for fellow LMC workers to meet and get to know each other, “but it’s a great way that we can have some fun and let off some steam.” “Maybe a little trash talking but it’s all in good nature,” joked Estrada.

The game had a unique set of rules you wouldn’t see in a normal softball game.  Bunting, sliding and stealing base were not allowed. A strikeout only occurred if the bat was swung three times and missed. And your efforts in the game would be done for the day if you hit a homerun. Meanwhile most of the supporting crowd in attendance was those who work at LMC. And LMC President Bob Kratochvil played the role of home plate umpire.  

Rather than flipping a coin to determine who got to bat first, team captains Estrada and Computer and Network Services Specialist, Elaine Ortiz decided, that the Major League team who had the worst record would decide who would bat first.  Meaning the Giants batted first.

However the designated pitcher of the bout, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services, Alex Porter was neither a Giants nor an Athletics fan. So instead he represented his favorite team the Los Angeles Dodgers. And in doing so he would attempt to do his best Clayton Kershaw impression by pitching the entire seven-inning game.

“It felt good out there,” said Porter. “My arm was good, but I gave up too many runs.”

Overall the game was an absolute offensive back-and-forth war by both sides. Until the bottom of the seventh inning, the game was tied at 12, with a runner at first, two outs and captain Ortiz at the plate. When a clutch moment was needed, Ortiz delivered with a two-run homer, that gave the Athletics the lead and eventually the victory, with the final score, 14-12.
“I think the game was a phenomenal success.” “There were no injuries, just bruised egos from our team that’s all,” said Estrada.