Mariners sink the Mustangs


Sara Carpino (7) attempts to halt the Mariners’ drive during LMC’s loss Tuesday afternoon.

Dexter Dunzweiler

The weather was scorching as the soccer teams clashed on the field Tuesday but despite a strong start, LMC fell to College of Marin 3-0.

The Mustangs began the match playing like a team, by passing the ball and talking to each other to create routes.

The first five goal attempts by Marin LMC goalie Kara Leffle blocked.

As the game continued, the heat took it a toll and the players started to look fatigued.

Then Marin took a high shot, the ball bounced off the top of the goal post and another player head butted the ball scoring the first goal.

The teams looked evenly matched in their skill level, and players on both sides played fair without excessive force.

But as Mustangs continued and tried to bring the ball onto the other side of the field, but their lack of shots was evident.

“I think we played well defensively,” said LMC’s defender/mid fielder Danielle Amaya. “We are working better together as a team, I think we need to take more shots at the line though.”

The focus for LMC was more on defense as they tried to prevent Marin from getting inside.

Marin continued to press and scored another goal before the half, their game plan of rushing the ball seeming to work. After the half, the pace changed for Marin, as they continued to hold possession of the ball, baiting the Mustangs and passing it back and forth, looking for opportunities.

Marin’s third goal was 14 minutes into the second half, following two missed shots. After the goal they pressed toward the line but not as vigorously as they were tr ying to hold possession of the ball.

The Mustangs continued to fight and connected some passes heading toward Marin’s goalie, however they didn’t get the opportunity to take many shots because Marin’s defense kept taking the ball back.

“Today we saw lots of positive things. The players are applying what we have been teaching,” LMC assistant coach Heather

Wren said “Only progress from here, this is another building block.”

Marin continued calling out “you got time,” forcing the Mustangs to chase after the ball and then passing it quickly to another player.

“We’re getting stronger. It is neat to see us find a bit of our identity,” Marin’s head coach Carlos Campos said The Mustangs continued to play all the way through and seemed hungry for a goal but it just didn’t happen.

“We’re never happy when we lose, but I thought the girls played fantastic,” LMC head coach Mark Br yant said “If we keep learning from these games, we will continue to get better and better.”

The Mustangs take on Napa Valley College at home today at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday they will face Mendocino College in Ukiah at 3:30 p.m.