California fires spark Twitter beef

NICK CAMPBELL, @nicky_charles

Butte County and much of Southern California is on fire, and with devastation also comes the side effects of a massive wildfire. Aside from the obvious, things like property damage and a drain on resources, people have been killed or injured. As of today, the number of victims have been estimated at 59 with 130 people missing and unaccounted for.

Pacific Gas & Electric, is catching blame for allegedly failing to inspect and maintain power lines. With over 10,321 homes destroyed, it is possible that PG&E will not be adequately insured to cover the losses. Meanwhile, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, hired private firefighters to protect their mansion.

So what are the consequences for regular folks involved?

Well, SB 901, recently signed by Governor Brown gives levels of protection to PG&E from destructive events like this. The bill has been blasted as a “bailout” for PG&E. Some proponents of the bill argue that it helps offset losses by PG&E that can inadvertently raise prices, while opponents decry its perceived inability to hold PG&E accountable for major catastrophes like the fires.

The rest of us have to put up with wearing masks to school, upper respiratory problems, and burning eyes. With natural disasters you might wonder where our country’s leadership stands. President Trump, never one to miss a chance to show his incompetence, blames California. Rather than fulfill his duties as President, he decides to start Twitter beef with Cal Fire and engage in Twitter threats while people are dying. With the midterms of last week in the books, now do you see why your vote matters?