Stop living life on the ‘net’

Last Wednesday around 2 p.m. Los Medanos College went dark. Not a power outage but the Internet stopped working up until 3 p.m. the following day. This may not have bothered some but to others it did. Face it, today almost all of life is online. For example, need to know what the weather’s going to look like? People can go right online and get that information in a matter of seconds.

The world is connected through the Internet and people can interact with one another around the world. Not just schools depend on the Internet but businesses depend on it as a functioning source in order to do daily jobs in workplaces. Almost every institution is dependent on Internet access in one way or another.

One of the biggest uses of the Internet among college students is social media. If someone was to walk around the campus almost everyone has a device in his or her hands.

They are usually checking updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Those are a few social media sites that college students check throughout the day. When, people wake up, the first thing or ritual that is common among social media lovers is to check Facebook. Did someone post a new status or go and see the Spiderman movie? People have to be connected and when they aren’t its almost as if life stopped.

This is the big issue and, the Internet is a source of living and without it, some believe life is over but it isn’t. Yes having the Internet at your fingertips and on phones is a great thing to have, but its not all there is to life. Life is living and seeing the world through human eyes not the eyes of a screen.

Maybe it was a good thing that the Internet was down for 24 hours. For one, students can pay attention in classes, take notes, learn new things in class, and hear about extra credit assignments.

This can be fixed. Internet use doesn’t have to go away forever, it can be good during certain hours of the day, but people need to step away from the computers, phones, tablets and live life, not the life on the net.