Update needed on dead body story

Leslie Perez, Guest Columnist

I am writing to inquire about the article that was published about the body found in the lake on the Los Medanos College campus. The article was published in late February shortly after the body was discovered, and gave all of the information that was known at the time. However, since the article was published in the school’s newspaper, there does not appear to have been an update published about what happened.

I and several other students have been curious as to what happened and if any other details came to light. From our perspective, the school sent a seemingly vague email regarding the situation, explaining that the unfortunate occurrence did not appear to be connected to the school. We have not heard of anything else regarding the issue, and the lake remained open while campus life resumed like normal.

There is much confusion from my fellow LMC students and their parents about why the issue was never brought up again and why no changes were made after it happened. If the issue were private, or if additional details discovered could not be disclosed by the police, I understand. Many of us simply wondered what had become of the situation and an update, if possible, would be appreciated.