Letter of encouragement before finals

Sydney Amaral, Guest Column

These last few weeks of the semester can really feel like we are put on a time crunch to get all of our geese in a line. It can feel discouraging to pull through with the flood of assignments and finals. In this time of stress some of us may also feel that it is too late to put in that extra effort toward the end. I encourage you all to reach out to your professors about what is bothering you with your struggling efforts. Even if you are not able to find the solution to your pre-existing low grade, move on and branch out. Especially if you’ve missed the deadline to drop a class, now is the perfect time to seek out tutoring and workshops to ensure you really give your finals all that you’ve got! 

For those who have a written final, now is also the time to schedule a time slot with a reading and writing consultant. Some classes may require a reading and writing consultation to pair with the assignment, while others may not. Either way it’s good to find an external support system outside of your class. Consider also reaching out to other peers in your classes, exchanging notes and study methods.