Young people are eager to vote


Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

The registration drive at LMC was a huge success which occurred on Tuesday, Sept. 20. It’s something that a lot of the older generation is very surprised at. We’ve seen time and time again how the younger generation isn’t very interested in voting. We’ve seen how insecure people are and how anti-social the young have become.

But this is not as true as we would think. In 2018 alone, the ages of the young that voted ranged from 18 to 29 and had a 72% democratic increase. This was big for the simple fact that now it’s slowly getting bigger and bigger. Young people are more eager to vote than ever.

We’ve seen how young Americans have changed over the years and now they’re more conscious of American life. New understanding of the LGBTQ+ are being expressed throughout the country. Lifestyles of different races are being expressed as well. We see how the status quo of life is changing before our eyes. And it’s not being unnoticed.

President Joe Biden and other older Democratic Americans have been able to see how conscious young Americans have been. So the support has made it more open for young people to come and register to vote. This has become even better for the simple fact that young people have a cause they all believe in.

Now, this is all different from person to person. People do things for different purposes or different beliefs. But the unity of young America has made a huge impact on American life and politics. When Donald Trump ran again after his two years against Biden, young people didn’t want to have to deal with having Trump being president again.

It wasn’t just us either. A lot of America didn’t want Trump in office again. They voted as much as they could, but the help and huge amount of voting support from young Americans made the difference between a repeat or a change of pace. If it wasn’t for the young, we may never would’ve seen a new president.

Although now it’s seemed to increase a whole lot as time has gone on. In 2020 there was a huge jump, but in these past two years, 60% of young people have enjoyed President Biden. Not only that, but young America is making sure they vote in November. As the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, it’s united young people under a common cause.

With these new political waves coming and changing, young people have come to want good change. No matter what that is, we will be ready for the incoming changes on the landscape of America.