Hands off my uterus


Paige Coleridge

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the constitution does not protect the right to an abortion. According to Nature Magazine, 13 states have restricted access to the procedure, and about a dozen more are expected to follow suit. This is not only devastating to all women but also dangerous because this will not stop abortions but only make it more difficult for women to get them.  

There are many reasons women might choose to terminate a pregnancy. One of the most common is that they just can’t afford a child. Going through with a pregnancy has many costs that people often overlook:  prenatal vitamins and doctors appointments for example. For low income women or those without insurance it might be impossible to afford things like that. Also, some women can’t always work while carrying a child which makes it impossible for them to support themselves. A woman might also choose an abortion in case of sexual assault and rape. No woman should be forced to go through an unwanted pregnancy that occurs as a result from sexual assault. Some women also might be in bad health such as being seriously underweight or struggling with drug addiction. This would not only be harmful to the mother but also the baby if carried to term.    

Many health professionals have been predicting the dangerous outcomes that may soon follow in the wake of the supreme court ruling. One of the most unfortunate will be the likely increase of unsafe abortions. Women in states that have banned abortion will feel helpless and may resort to home abortions. This is the sad and dangerous truth of the aftermath of Roe vs. Wade being overturned. According to the National Library of Medicine, every year, worldwide, about 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe. The article also predicted that 68,000 women will die due to unsafe abortions. So let’s ask ourselves, what is more important? The mother or an unborn child. 

Other women in states that have restricted abortions might choose to travel great lengths to get one. Traveling to other states like California that has unrestricted abortions could be dangerous. Some women might not have support and will have to travel far and alone. Also, the cost of travel might discourage women from getting an abortion done safely. 

In support of the women struggling to get abortions, some people are offering their homes as places to stay for those traveling for this procedure. They are also using code words just in case it is unsafe for the women to openly talk about it. Although this is a glimpse of hope and humanity in these trying times, even with places to stay, the cost of travel might still be too high for some. It is heartbreaking to imagine someone so scared and hopeless.  

The overturn of Roe vs. Wade caused an outrage of all people nationwide. Restricting abortions is a human rights violation and should be reconsidered. Protests broke out in Washington D.C. and all over the country. People with signs and petitions fought for their basic human rights. Phrases like “hand off my uterus” and “my body my choice” were plastered on signs in protest. Outraged citizens filled the streets in hopes of getting the senate’s attention to pass a law that will protect the right to choose. 

Aside from offering women in need a place to stay when traveling for an abortion, there are other things you can do right now to support women in need. One thing you can do is sign the pledge on the ACLU website to show support. You can also speak with friends and family to educate them on the problem at hand and you can vote. Vote in the 2022 and 2024 elections like your rights depend on it and make sure to read the ballots carefully. Lastly, you can donate to trustworthy organizations like ACLU or Planned Parenthood. 

If you are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy there are organizations in order to get the help you need. Planned Parenthood will help you discreetly or other organizations like the Family Planning Association. 

We are not alone in this. All women deserve the basic human right to an abortion. Hands off my uterus!