Ghost of Kyiv creates hope in Ukraine


Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

As the battle rages on in Ukraine, many people are fighting for their country no matter where they are in life. Poor, rich, middle-class, athletes and politicians are going to Ukraine to fight against Russia from taking over. Well known individuals that people know have been seen making a difference in the war effort. However, no one has made more of a change than the Ghost of Kyiv.

The Ghost of Kyiv is a Ukrainian air force pilot that no one knows. This man has apparently been working in secret and has been shooting down Russian aircrafts by himself. Everyone has made this man out to be some sort of superhero in their minds, and his lone wolf persona has created a sense of hope throughout the Ukrainian citizens. This is now getting out to the world and his hero spirit has made him almost internationally known as a symbol of hope.

The New York Post recently has said that the Ghost of Kyiv has reportedly died after shooting down dozens of Russian aircraft, although this is not the case. The Ukraine Air Force has admitted that the Ghost of Kyiv isn’t alive. In fact, he isn’t even real. He is the collective spirit made up to motivate those in the war. 

The air force said in a tweet “The Ghost of Kyiv is alive, it embodies the collective spirit of the highly qualified pilots of the Tactical Aviation Brigade who are successfully defending Kyiv and the region.”

Why would they do this and create this myth of a mysterious man who puts everything on the line to defend his country by himself? This story has made Ukraine come together in a time where unity is needed. It has made the atmosphere amongst the Ukraine forces feel like they have someone who’s fighting for them and so they can fight on because they’ve been inspired.

This hero has made it easier to live in Kyiv or any region. Children now look up to this man as a guiding light into the darkness that awaits them outside. They don’t have to fear those on the other side trying to kill them. He’s a symbol and a warning for those who try to commit acts of violence towards Ukraine. Although Russia sees the Ghost of Kyiv as propaganda, they still fear what comes their way when flying their planes into the country. 

In a world where light seems to be dwindling, a symbol of hope goes a long way and is a great idea. His creation has made it more courageous and amazing to be a Ukrainian. He makes it feel good to have a hero fighting for you. Everyone needs hope, whether that be a made up superhero or your mind being optimistic; it can change the way one sees the world. Who knows if the Ghost of Kyiv is real or not, either way, his legend has become more powerful as the war rages on in Ukraine.