Netflix cracks down on password sharing

Streaming service plans to charge fees for sharing accounts.


Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

Netflix is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, streaming platforms in the world. You can stream movies, shows and can even get DVDs delivered to you in the mail. We all know how we use it, as everyone has at least one account and we share the password with someone or multiple people. This in itself is kind of cheating the system, but will soon change.

Netflix themselves have estimated that 100 million households are sharing passwords, so they’ve decided to crack down on it. They seem to be making an extra fee for people who have shared their account outside of their households. The company is already testing this in Peru, Costa Rica and Chile.

What Netflix is doing is charging an additional fee to create “sub accounts” for up to two other people outside of your home who have access to your account. The costs do vary as, in Peru it’s $2.13, $2.99 in Costa Rica and $2.92 in Chile per month. You can even transfer the personalized profiles you’ve created on people’s accounts and make those into either a new account or make it a sub account.

Netflix has started this because they’ve lost 200,000 subscribers. The people who agree to stay are agreeing with the terms being set by Netflix in the coming future which is honestly a good thing for them.

Since losing these subscribers they’re going to be gaining a lot more money because the sharing of passwords is hurting them as a company. They’re losing money because of the sharing of passwords. Even though the current price listings that are being tested aren’t expensive, it does add up. Although many people will be very much willing to pay. 

In my household we’ve shared the Netflix password word with a bunch of devices. We just haven’t shared it outside our house. My family is very much willing to pay the extra money per month because they are really into Netflix. They’ve subscribed for the love of tv and movies and are happy with Netflix’s collection of movies and shows. Those who’ve been sharing their passwords are losing out on a huge streaming service and are going to be missing on top tier entertainment.