Music classes don’t work online


Daraja McDonald, Staff Writer

Music is one of mankind’s most prized and valuable possessions. Music represents culture, love and freedom. No matter what type of genre there is a style of music for everyone to enjoy.  

One of music’s most valuable traits is that it can bring all different types of people together. It has been proven to work in the Civil Rights Movement where crowds started to integrate at concerts for the enjoyment of music. 

Of course music is very powerful, and essentially, all forms of learning anything about music should be never ending. Unfortunately, for music majors across the world this passion and thirst to learn more about music has been fairly difficult. 

Everyone knows the best way to really feel and experience music is by being in the presence of it, which is why people love concerts. Students across the globe have had to either come to a halt with music class or try to learn through zoom. 

Online learning is hard enough for a lot of people when your instructor is not present, so it can be pretty difficult trying to learn music through online learning. Professors’ hands have been tied and they have struggled to come up with ways to effectively teach something that is best learned while in the classroom.

Those enrolled in these music classes are trying to work with what they have according to two students Nate Southall and Armon McRaven. 

Southall explained that most of the work assigned since quarantined has been geared toward chapters from the book. 

“Basically we just read the chapters in the book and will usually have a test at the end of the week about each chapter,” said Southall. 

McRaven explained  how it has been pretty hard to stay motivated in the class, especially with him having a love for music. “Getting assigned videos to watch on either Netflix or YouTube has been the most interesting thing we have done in the class. It kind of sucks because I was looking forward to [seeing] what this class really had to offer because I mess with the professor.” 

McRaven  was looking forward to exploring new sounds and cultures to help him on his musical path, so this has been a quiet disappointment nonetheless. 

Southall and McRaven are both in Professor Zuniga’s Music class and both had positive reviews about the professor on how he is very energetic and made the class interesting because he loves his job.