Letter to the editor

Alondra G. Gallegos 

Dear Los Medanos College Newspaper,

I would like to comment on an article published March 15, named “Campuses in CCCCD close” on the online edition of the Experience newspaper, informing readers and viewers of classes moving fully to online platforms. 

As a student at Los Medanos College, it brings me relief knowing that the college I attend is fully aware and equipped to handle situations like these. Knowing that their first reaction is to keep their students safe and updated with the latest news is reassuring. 

In my opinion, the Experience and the editors who help create this newspaper are creating a great platform for people to get updated on any and all new information. 

Although this was an unexpected situation, editors like you all were quick to gather information and publish a newspaper to inform students about the latest news, and with the latest updates on classes being online. Not only did you explain how and why classes are moving online, but also informed your audience on the resources that are newly available.

As a current Los Medanos student, I would like to get an updated version of the newspaper with new news and updates on the college and classes. 

I know most information is via email, but I believe that a digital copy issued to all students can be helpful. Especially helpful would be featuring resources outside and within the school for students who are having issues with food, etc.

Doing this will make Los Medanos students feel like they can still receive access to the help that they need within our campus.


Alondra G. Gallegos