Let’s free college tuition for us all

Joseph Johnson, Staff writer

College should be free in this day and age as technology is taking over. One reason why college should be free is because there are people that have given up on their dreams because they cannot afford to attend a semester in college. That reason should be enough for colleges to make a change to help create better opportunities for their communities to help their city succeed. 

Nothing is more important than an education — education gets you to places you would never think you can go. There are teachers there to help you achieve and succeed and counselors to help and coach you through the school years, keeping you on track or even as a person to vent to during stressful times.

Colleges have clubs you can join and activities that allow you to interact with your peers, to keep active, even motivate you with school. Clubs put you around your peers and people that are chasing the same goals as you. School has so many advantages for a young adult or anyone to succeed and take the best step forward. 

Some students drop out because they don’t have the ability to pay for tuition all four years. There could be a student doing everything right in school, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes their way, and yet with the lack of financial stability it could all be taken away. As the perfect student couldn’t afford their education.

Student loans and student debts are a big part of the reason for students not being able to continue school. They somehow end up working a job they aren’t satisfied with in order to pay the money back that they borrowed. 

If an education was free more people would attend. The future would be better for the world as a whole. Everyone would be going to school pursuing something they are passionate about instead of settling for a regular day job to survive. Student debts wouldn’t be to the point where people aren’t graduating because they are trying to pay off their loans. 

A world with a free education system would be great for the ones that really want the opportunity and the ones that really believe school isn’t for them. They would be happy in their own way, instead of people trying out college, wasting their money and their time. Those trying to find their path would find the experience to be more free, and theoretically, nothing would be wasted. Everything would be going at its own peaceful and unconfusing pace. Free education would be a flowing adaptive environment for culture. Schools would be more crowded but at least the people you know will be there to learn, to accomplish and complete their education.

School is a place for people to advance their current state. Students shouldn’t have to develop individuality later on after stressing about student loans and after completing college courses. school is a social networking environment where people succeeded to their highest potential. It should be with no cost, as it is an informational tool.

The purpose of education should be only for achieving dreams and learning things you thought your mind would never learn. Education has the ability to advance people forward in trying to change their situation without having to look back — to keep progressing.