Your effort is appreciated

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

Los Medanos College has an administrative team that is striving to do its absolute best for its students. 

The adaptability demonstrated by staff members and administration around campus in regards to abnormal situations that arise on campus is appreciated by the Experience, when freedom of speech is expressed freely and students are able to get more vocal with problems they encounter. 

The campus is providing a safe space for feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Faculty and administration are creating a place that invites students to become involved in things that are happening on campus.

 This reliable safe space can be seen by the speedy responses from administration that take place soon after student outcry for change on topics that may be controversial.

We at the Experience want to show our appreciation for the work that the administration has done in the past weeks with reimplementation of some lab hours after concerns were raised, and in their quick actions on preparedness of staff and how to continue keeping students safe after the shooter scare and shelter in place warning we were given. 

After safety concerns were raised, Carlos Montoya, the LMC Police Department and others have made The Safety and Security Committee operational, and are actively trying to prepare for the worst case scenarios. 

New maps depicting evacuation routes are set up around campus and in parking lots, new training will eventually be held for dangerous situations and it seems as though they truly do have student and staff safety in mind when making decisions from here on out. 

For this, we wanted to show our appreciation for the hard work that is being done to keep everyone on our campus safe, as well as our administration for trying to work with and for students to the best of their ability. 

May all the efforts prove worthwhile and the graduating class be even larger next year.