Entertainment robs us of a full life

Joseph Johnson, @PicassoJoe

Society has turned reality into a fantasy. As electronics and the media continue to take over each generation more and more, it makes people see things that are happening in the real world through a television screen. The more this happens, it makes the people viewing the content disconnect from the actual world.

The things that people consume through television screens lead them to automatically believe what’s being seen is entertainment, rather than a serious news event or situation. People believe that because it’s on TV there’s no way it could really happen. Nearly everything that’s seen on TV is viewed as fake or unrealistic. Then, when things occur and is portrayed on the news, viewers don’t feel affected.

Phones have also contributed in destroying the world in ways that can never be changed. People interact with each other differently than how they did when phones and social media didn’t exist. Electronics have made it easier for individuals throughout the world to connect, but it has created a large disconnect. For example, these days at family events you would see the older generation sitting around talking and having a drink, and you would see the younger generation not socializing, but on their phones.

We have become so desensitized that if the same thing was announced on all news sources simultaneously at this moment, it would just look as if they planned to coordinate their social media pages.The kids today are being brainwashed with entertainment as if that’s the providing and satisfactory factor in life, but there’s more to life.

Social media has blinded everyone to the truth, because social media only shows popularity in what’s trending. Yet, when something serious in the world happens it gets overlooked by the same media. It has blinded people, confusing them between what’s real and what’s not.