Do not condone violence

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

In a time where we can see drastically graphic images, even by accident, on social media or watch movies with just a little too much violence integrated into them, we typically do not expect the President of the United States to entertain such content. 

Recently, an edited video clip from 2014’s already controversial “Kingsman: The Secret Service” depicting politician’s faces and news organizations logos over the original scene, was created online and allegedly shown at a conference at Trump National Doral Miami.

We must chastise this behavior and these types of “jokes,” for they can be truly detrimental or perhaps inspire some with crude ideas. 

The level of violence and aggression among society has increased drastically over the past few years, due in huge part to the media. Putting themselves in constant danger, journalists around the world are experiencing this violence first hand in order to inform their audience about what’s happening around the world.

In addition to being hunted, there are bombs being delivered right to politician’s doorsteps, shootings occurring in newsrooms and much more.

A New York based organization, the Committee to Protect Journalists found that at least 34 journalists were targeted and killed for their work in a conclusive study completed on Dec. 14, 2018.

The current political climate is far too fragile for videos like this to be spread around.

These kinds of “memes” or jokes should not be tolerated and should be chastised, such as comedian Kathy Griffin’s controversial 2017 photoshoot where she was depicted holding Trump’s decapitated head. 

This is behavior that must not be encouraged or tolerated, regardless of your political stance and especially when someone in such an influential position like our President is the one sharing them.

It is our duty as a democratic republic to check the attitudes, and actions, of those in positions of power and maintain a mature level of respect for those whose opinions differ from our own.