Love yourself by helping yourself

Hazel Recinos, Staff Writer

Self-love is never been taught in school and is apparently a self-learned accomplishment, but it’s easier said than done, right? Whether you just graduated high school or you’re in your 20’s, there comes a time in life where you feel you’ve been left out in the chaos to figure out the adult world. We’re learning new things costantly about ourselves, not to mention about being an adult. It can easily be lonely and feel as if you are behind everyone else that you grew up with.

You are not alone. The transition into an adult is stressful, confusing, and scary. In order to learn how to deal with such a big transition,we must learn that in this process we forget to check in with ourselves which is dangerous for our mental health. It’s okay to dedicate your whole time to school and work, but remember take a minute to breathe thank yourself before you stretch yourself to thin. You still have to make the effort to get yourself in a place thats ready to be able to learn.

You are your own best friend and you should treat yourself when you can because it’s important that we get to know ourselves better. “Self-love is the unapologetic act of accepting oneself, putting yourself first, and being proud and confident in your achievements. This is a healthy mentality, unlike narcissism,” said Jenn Beach who is a writer for LifeHack.

Loving yourself takes practice, but it also has its simple acts, such as throwing on a face and/or hair mask after a long day of spewing out your energy to others. Another way is through listining to music.

Talking to yourself is healthy and very needed so that you learn to practice what you preach and get to know your voice. Treat yourself to a productive day by taking yourself to breakfast. If money is tight, being outdoors and surrounding yourself in nature can help you forget about the stress that comes from the real world. Shut out the social media that surrounds us so you can realize that the people who are idolized are not as perfect as they pretend.

Life has a lot to offer for us and we have to absorb its informaton to soak it in and turn it into something positive for ourselves to be able to pass on self-love to others. My last advice to self-love 101 is to accept yourself for who you are as a whole. Loving yourself is a journey that most people don’t have the strength to walk. Take thoose little steps to get there,over time it’ll come naturally.

I haven’t completely reached the highest level of self-love but I don’t think there’s a ceiling limit. The hate you throw to yourself is taught from other people’s opinions and it’s important to change that veiw. The only opinion that matters about you are the positive ones you hold of yourself.