Look again, (im)possible

Adriana Ivanoff, Staff Writer

The word Impossible is a trick of the eyes and the sound within your heart as you tell yourself you can’t. The limits of society are the limits we tend to have ingrained within ourselves in the process of indoctrination. We’ve been taught to believe that higher education can change centuries of predetermined idealisms of the possible and somehow change our world, however a famous quote by Albert Einstein speaks more truth. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results every time.” We should stop repeating history by forging our own path.

As the unwritten social laws govern the order of our world, they also rule you, making you by effect disregard all the hopes you carry that bury themselves inside as your dreams. We label possibilities as achievable or not and yet, the impossible actually spells I’m possible.

 We grow up hearing talk of a mystical and far off future forever out of hand and idealistically perfect. Movies and books are centered around the unknown, always claiming that the date is tomorrow. Despite what “Back to the future” or what the “Matrix” show you, the future is today. 

We already are living in the future that everyone in the past dreamed their future would be. The question is: are we wasting it? What have we done to change this world? Had we given up because we say everything has been discovered everything has been done? This world even our lives have been limited with the ideology that this age has already reached its peak, that we can do nothing more than sit back and watch the world fall or rise on its own. 

We see something different on our campus. We see the word possible in the impossible.We are the youth with so much brilliance in thoughts that in action could rewrite history.

We see the youth that are ready to defy social norms and expectations in order to create difference by saying enough is enough. 

For every face in the crowd, we see the future doctor who could cure cancer, we see the future scientists who will find a way to replicate water or eliminate global warming, we see the political minds that will save every voice in the creation of our democracy so that they are heard, we see the rare dreamers chasing life beyond the walls of society, struggling to exist and who will one day change everything if they only believed in themselves.You’re worth more than you can know as we are the future and the spark of change this world has waited for.