Bringing awareness to FT3

Destiny Caballero, Guest Columnist

Dear editor,

Can we please start talking about tuition cost? In the past couple years, I have noticed new programs for college students popping up. Yet it seems like no one is acknowledging them or how much they’re truly needed.

I don’t think that I have to stress the importance of attending college, but it seems like the impact tuition cost plays is underestimated. However, this year is the first time Los Medanos College has introduced FT3 and has brought hope to many new students.

The Los Medanos College website states, “Beginning this fall semester, Los Medanos College is offering tuition-free college for all first-time, full-time students for a whole year! As a part of our College Promise effort, we are launching The 4CD Promise: ‘First Time + Full Time = Free Tuition’(FT3) program this fall 2018 term.” The catch? There isn’t one.

Students applying must be a first-time student, be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units for the fall semester, complete the FT3 application/pledge, complete either the FAFSA or the Dream Act application, as well as have an educational plan on file and complete the minimum units with a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Once a students fulfills all of these requirements, they are guaranteed a full reimbursement of their enrollment fees. This is a life changing opportunity for many students, including myself. However, programs like these aren’t receiving the deserved recognition.

Recently, the cost of living is more expensive than ever. It’s so expensive that many people have began living on the streets or in their vehicles. College also is expensive.

According to U.S. News Data, “In-state tuition prices among public National Universities grew by 69 percent over a 10 year period.” As tuition cost rises, the amount of college attendees falls.

People who want to attend college shouldn’t have to go into debt. We need to bring awareness to the importance of programs like FT3.