New editors share their goals


Perry Continente and Lilly Montero

Every incoming news staff, editors and writers alike, come into their position with ideas of how to better improve and continue the evolution of the paper. However, this time around, we find ourselves not only with fresh ideas, but also a solid foundation to build upon.

Editors in Chief before us began the online initiative to make our paper more accessible via the online edition and other various forms of social media. Readers can find articles, updates and interactive content in the online edition of our paper at as well as both of our Instagram and Twitter handles at lmc_experience. With each of these we hope to better improve the speed at which content gets posted, with social media trending, it is better offering on-demand news and updates.

It is our goal to make online a vital part of The Experience as the print edition, if not the primary method of disseminating news.

Also like previous editors before us, we come with the goal of offering LMC students the stories that matter to them. The Los Medanos student body is a diverse community with varying interests that is ever changing and backgrounds that need representation. We hope that by spreading our net to the entire East Bay Area, rather than just Pittsburg, we will better represent the students we write for. By broadening our scope in this way we hope to appeal to the diverse interests of the LMC population.

As a team we offer a renewed commitment to the quality, speed, and efficiency our readers expect when reading our paper. We look forward to continuing to serve and interact with not only the LMC community but the East Bay community at large.