People may be uncomfortable on campus

Vincent Lontz, Guest Columnist

I have been a student at Los Medanos College for the past semester and a half and have already noticed questionable actions on campus. College is a place where everyone should feel safe without any threats of crime, but several disturbing incidents trouble me.

It all started with a burglary in the C Lot on campus, which changed my view about the culture of LMC completely. It was a Thursday afternoon and my team and I were just getting done with baseball practice. Four of us were going to get lunch when as we approached a teammate’s car we noticed all four windows had been smashed in, the glass splattered everywhere.

We were in shock because our admiration for LMC had been high until that moment. I always felt safe parking my car on campus until my friend’s windows were destroyed.

Another troubling incident I witnessed took place in the library. Two classmates and I were working on our homework when all of a sudden we heard yelling coming from the computer area. Once we got up to watch the altercation, we saw a man yelling and screaming into another man’s face. He was disrespecting him with horrible name-calling and racist remarks. The innocent student was simply trying to study, but was interrupted by the rude individual.

The police were forced to remove the man for disturbing the peace. This questionable act irritated me more much more than others I have seen here. As students, we should be able to do our schoolwork in silence rather than be distracted by someone who isn’t even trying to get an education. We are paying for school to learn so we can achieve a better life — nothing should interrupt students from accomplishing their end goal.

A third incident was entertaining, yet disturbing, and occurred in early December 2017 in front of the LMC Baseball Field around 6 a.m. Our team was getting ready for morning workouts when we spotted a trash can out of place. It was odd seeing it in the middle of the walkway, because the can had always been in the same spot and is not easy to move.

As we approached the trash can we felt ourselves getting hotter and hotter which was also strange. Once we got close, we noticed a fire burning inside. After spotting a dirty jacket next to the can, we came to the conclusion that there was a homeless man near the field that night that ignited the can to stay warm.

It got a good laugh out of most of the guys, but when thinking more deeply about it I realized it isn’t funny at all. A man looking for shelter chose to set up camp very close to the field on which we play every day. Seeing this fire made me think of all the different people who could be entering our field and our campus at any time. It is scary to think about, but it is the harsh reality of going to college in Pittsburg.

I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t like LMC. I love it here. I am happy to be saving money on school, playing the sport I love and meeting new people all at the same time. The only problems I have are my experiences with threats and crime. The school would seem perfect to me if there were only students, professors and staff allowed on campus. All others are a distraction unnecessary for a college environment.