Take a moment to disconnect

As I sat down to write my column for the first issue of a new semester, I had so many distractions that I kept forgetting what I wanted to write about. Not distractions of an emergency nature either. Things like my folks’ new dog, kids needing things, family issues, work schedule and other homework kept filtering into my mind as I wrote. The world itself is full of distractions, yet we all must keep pushing along day to day. It’s no wonder years seem to fly by and a new semester has begun.

Then it hit me.

There are many distractions in our lives — how do we keep going? Aside from being an LMC student, I work full-time and I am also a single parent of three amazing kids.

Distractions in life are plenty, whether you’re a parent or not.

I almost wish I could stop and shut down for a day like the government did, and still get paid. Yet millions of military personnel and other government employees did not get paid. I, however, do not have that luxury. I must put on my big girl panties, breathe, count to 10, be an adult and keep going whether I like it or not, especially when I don’t agree with someone.

I wonder if the government realizes what we all go through daily. Do they remember what it’s like to be one of the people they are supposed to be serving? Do they read the same news we do?

Now we can receive news stories from other countries even ones from years ago, as if they were current news. Reports and studies by experts are now everywhere and on such random topics as, ‘what a person should or should not wear after the age of 53.’ I shall wear what I am most comfortable in. Sorry, not sorry.

Keeping a balance in life now seems so much harder than it did growing up. Think about it, social media brings the world to your fingertips. How do you balance life with the information overload you receive on a daily, if not minute-by-minute, basis?

Social media can be an awesome tool. For example, I keep in touch with family and friends on Facebook, but I also see so much drama that does not pertain to my family or me.

I took it off my phone, and now I wait until I get home to check it. Fake news stories are shared everywhere. Before sharing, double and possibly triple check the validity of its sources. You never know when you might share a story that is false.

 I almost miss the days without social media, but I have a few ideas and suggestions. Time yourself on social media; see if you really need to see what you’ve seen, or hear what you hear. Set your phone aside for a few minutes- yes, I know you feel naked without it. Find what works for you to keep focused and on task, especially when doing homework, with family and friends or at work. There is a time and a place for everything.

Don’t hunt me down or anything, I just wonder how we can keep going and stay on track with all the distractions in life. If you have anything to add, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m willing to listen to all suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.