More lights, police needed at LMC


I am concerned about the Los Medanos College safety policies. I have attended LMC since spring of 2015, but this year there have been several assaults on campus. These mishaps concern me greatly. I feel our school has had an alarmingly high number of assaults and the safety issue should have been addressed accordingly.

We have police officers and police aides on campus daily. These assaults are happening in the evenings when it’s dark without much visible security. Why isn’t it visible that we have security until the campus is closed?

Los Medanos students are being targeted because the assailants are aware of the times and places many students frequent in the evenings. If we as students feel threatened while we are attending classes, how will we succeed?

There is a solution to this madness: We could petition to increase the police activity in the evenings. In addition, we can petition to increase the lighting on campus, especially around the lake. These are only as few ideas that I have to start with, but by taking these actions crime rate may decrease at Los Medanos College.

LMC has improved the number of students attending and graduating and I believe as a student, we would like to continue doing so. Nevertheless, if we were labeled as a school with less than average security, who in there right mind would want to attend here?

— Lisa Fobbs