Ads take away from the moment

Do we really need to see advertisements everywhere we go? During the World Series, which I understand is a big deal, there were ads every few seconds the pitcher was on the mound taking a breath, deciding what to do next. Even during this intense and championship-deciding game — where the pressure is mounting on the teams — ad companies like Duracell thought it would be important for us to know how great their batteries are.

I understand that companies want to show their ad’s when alot of people are viewing but it completely shatters the entire mood and aura behind the situation and distracts from the game.

Baseball is a more slow-paced game versus most other sports, but at the bare minimum these ads should not be played during the league’s biggest games of the year, the game has earned more respect than that. After all it is known as America’s pastime. But did I mention that Wendy’s has chicken tenders now for a great deal?

That idea has been driven into my head after just a few innings. But going beyond baseball games, ads are everywhere. Large corporations promote their product or services right in our face wherever we go.

It’s a business yes, but can we enjoy things for what they are and not have to be so consumed with having to make or spend money at every second of our day?

You can hardly click a video on YouTube without a commercial buffering between the first few seconds. Remembering the times when you could click on a thumbnail and instantly start watching shouldn’t feel like a distant memory, it should feel like right now.

At least we have the luxury to skip ads after sitting through them for a few seconds, but the “skip ad” button has increasingly become more rare. And now websites track everything you view and place ads on every other website and parts of the internet you visit to get you to buy those products you were just looking at, as if you suddenly had forgotten all about them.

It has become a normality that everything must now come with a word from a sponsor, which has become very tiresome. Heck even email services have a section labeled “promotions” for all emails related to offers of products because it is so commonplace.

And what can we really do about any of this? Nothing. Those companies bring in too much money to ever stop this from happening or at least lessening it.

I can’t wait for the future when ads take up more airtime than TV shows. Or when maybe before I start my new futuristic car, a projection will pop showing me how great the company is and why I should buy another car from them. I get it. We all get it. Just let us live without shoving your name in our space at every opportunity.