It’s time to dump Trump

In the chaos following President Trump’s election one of the prevailing narratives was “just give him a chance.” He has wasted his chance and it is time for a change.

Even setting aside his blatantly bigoted campaign, Trump’s presidency has been a comedy of errors, every decision worse than the last.  From his spectacular failure to revamp healthcare – a campaign promise – to his confusion on all but the most basic issues, Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he lacks the basic mental and moral faculties required to manage a Denny’s, much less a country.

This is a man who has bragged about sexual assault, who has mocked the disabled, who has made thinly veiled attacks against minority groups to rally his base, but most damning of all is his complete inability to run the country.

He has done monstrous things in the past, but all that pales in comparison to the damage he has and could still cause as president. Trump has pandered to and emboldened the white supremacist elements in this country; his blatantly racist travel ban and xenophobic border wall have cemented him as a champion of bigotry and intolerance.

His abrasive and crass demeanor has alienated our allies and aggravated our enemies; he shows little understanding and no regard for the damage threating nuclear war with North Korea could bring.

There are many lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, who have called for the president’s removal, including Representative Maxine Waters, who recently reaffirmed her stance on a Trump impeachment.

Waters’ recent call to action in the wake of the president’s gross mishandling of a call to the family of a fallen soldier will hopefully be enough to make the idea of impeachment a reality. Every member of the government needs to seriously consider the situation and ask themselves – “Is this ok? And if not, what do we do?”

While a Pence presidency is far from ideal – he has a horrible history with LGBT issues among with being politically and socially very far right – from an international standpoint, he at least actually has the basic faculties to avoid complete and utter disaster.