New term brings in new changes


Mugshots of Adria Watson, EIC Fall 2017. Photos by Joseph Delano.

For the past year there has been fluctuating skepticism surrounding the news and journalists — “Trust? Don’t trust?” and “Real vs. fake.”  It’s normal to be hesitant about trusting the source of news and understandable when it’s looked at from the perspective of someone who’s receiving information from the media, but staying informed and following what is being reported is crucial now more than ever, especially in our current political climate.

Constantly being confronted with reality can be overwhelming and gets frustrating at times, but keeping yourself in the know will only help make you a better consumer of information as well as benefit your everyday lives and academics.  

Read your local newspapers, including both articles from both like-minded people and people who think differently from you. Watch the news so you know — and understand — what is going on in the world.

One of our goals at the Experience this semester, is to do more stories about national and worldwide issues as they relate to the LMC community.

We want to make sure your voice is being represented in our paper. This semester we not only strive to continue being a source of information for all things happening on campus, but also want to share the opinions and reactions from LMC students, staff and faculty about events happening around the world.

We hope by delivering accurate stories that not only pertain to our campus community but to society as a whole we will increase readership and engagement.

We’ll be making more of an online presence via our website at Because technology is ingrained in our day-to-day lives, another goal of ours is to make sure our online edition is being updated regularly so readers will receive relative and time-sensitive information promptly.

Our social media pages will also become a key source of information this semester as we strive to make sure we post and keep those who follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages up to speed with events and news that occurs on campus, as they are happening. You can follow our Instagram Twitter at LMC_Experience and like the LMC Experience Facebook page for more updates.

We encourage anyone with story ideas, comments, questions and concerns to reach out to any of our staff members or stop by the Journalism Lab located in the College Complex Room CC3-301.