Crimes at Los Medanos are a concern

Janet Madrid

As a student at Los Medanos College, the crime can raise a red flag. Back in April 2016, a robbery happened, with a student getting their backpack stolen in the evening as well. If these crimes happened the first time, shouldn’t we up our protection to prevent it from happening again? Just looking at a video over and over can help find the criminal, but it doesn’t stop the next crime from starting. I believe we should start a system for the late classes for example, keeping the classes within the same building, so security can cover the grounds better.
Second, have monthly crime protection meetings where the Los Medanos community can come up with great ideas to help and have updates on incidents that have been reported so we can know what to look out for in the future.
Third, have random check ups on the night classes, so if the criminal is watching or planning, they will see that security is watching closely. We need to keep our community safe and sound. Every step we take will make a difference.