LMC should offer more social events

Gianna Carpino, LMC Student

I think Los Medanos College should certainly have more social events — things that would get the students, and even the community, more involved.
One of the two ideas I have that I believe would be fun for LMC to do is to have an end-of-the-semester dance. It could be formal or informal — it doesn’t even necessarily have to be fancy.
It would be a fun event to attend at the end of finals for all students to get together, either in the gym or in the quad, and just listen to music and celebrate a completed successful semester. Considering the fact that the Bay Area has a love for music and dancing, I think many people would agree with this idea.
The second idea I have is forming a Powder Puff Football team for female LMC students. I think the men’s football team would have a good time coaching the women as well as being the ones to instruct. It would bring the community together as well by bringing in more families and friends to come watch the women play for fun.
I believe both of these ideas should be considered, because I think LMC students should bond more. It’s been two years and I’ve only made a few friends besides those I went to school with. Although I graduate after Spring 2017 semester, I think this is something LMC should look into for future students. Getting them more involved with each other would definitely get them more involved in the college and other activities it offers.