Saving the young people matters

Sometimes I wonder if the value of life is worth anything today. Someone’s child

has been shot down like an animal. I know that young people are involving themselves in situations that could cause them to lose their lives, and be taken from this earth so early in life.

I feel so bad about the young boy that was shot and killed by a Santa Rosa off-duty policeman.  Its looks like another George Zimmerman and Travyon Martin case, no gun control. I sympathize with the people who are marching for gun control there in Santa Rosa, because there was no reason for this child had to be shot seven times.

The police don’t even shoot at an adult that many times unless there are two or more officers involved.

This child was only 13, with much more life to live and so did Trayvon Martin. I have a grandson who is 12 years old, that’s why it hits so close to home.

We cannot judge this policeman too hard because the boy was carrying a fake gun that looked real and he had to know the consequences of the situation if the police spotted him walking around carrying a gun. Real or fake, I still feel that he didn’t have to shoot him so many times.

I think about the young children who have died in Oakland because of the lack of gun control. A baby boy was spending the night with his father when someone shot through a window killing the father and the baby.

A young girl was shot while spending the night at a friend house. They are not just someone one’s child but in reality they are our children too. It is time for us to do more than what we have been doing to fight for justice and peace in our country so our children can have a better way of living.

We, as citizens of this country, cannot just leave it to President Obama to get this situation together because it is not just in Oakland, San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Jose; gun violence is all over this country. It is a shame that a person can’t ride the Bart, bus or any form of public transportation without their lives being in jeopardy, for instance the boy that was set on fire riding AC Transit in Oakland because he was wearing a skirt. I feel if he wants to wear a skirt that’s nobody business but his own. Now he is suffering from 2nd to 3rd degrees burns.  It is really getting rough out here when you can’t walk down the street without people wanting to rob you of your smart phone and gold jewelry. The smartphone seems to be the in thing nowadays and that’s why there are so many robberies. I know they are nice to have, but they are not worth losing your life for one. I would keep my phone in my pocket.

So be wise, don’t advertise that you have a smart phone. Well the holidays around the corner so be safe, watch out for people who are maybe watching you.                                                                                              You know we really have to use wisdom if we want to survive the madness of this world.