Budget cuts are affecting students


This letter is intended to bring forward an issue that seems to grab the attention of students at Los Medanos College and cause them worry.

Multiple budget cuts have been affecting the selection and number of classes available for enrollment.

As a result of the budget cuts at the college, there has been a great loss of classes because there is no money to pay teachers, and this impacts courses that many students desperately need.

This creates multiple problems for the students who are getting close to graduating, earning certificates, and even transferring. Some of the students who find themselves in such situations come across issues such as having to wait or go elsewhere to complete their college degree.

I believe that there are ways to try and decrease the budget cuts toward LMC or raise more funds that can be directed toward paying teachers for classes that students really need.

This is a major issue that should be dealt with so that students do not have so many obstacles in the way of completing their education.

   — Beau Nobriga