Keep on pushing forward


A time of culmination is just around the corner for the Los Medanos College community. For some it is time to face the challenge of finals or find out, to an extent, how well they’ve communicated their knowledge. For others it is a chance to look forward to a bit of a break.

After the tests is the graduation celebration full of pomp and circumstance with kind of silly hats. When the tassels are moved one chapter in people’s lives will close and another begins.

Amidst the crowd may very well be another kind of a graduating class those who are letting the sun set on their career at LMC.

For all it will be a chance to reflect on what has come so far. To wonder what is coming next. For those applauding in the crowd it is a chance to wish both graduating classes well and hope the struggles will prove well worth it for them.

Speeches will be given to mark the occasion and attempt to express the significance of what is occurring. No matter how carefully prepared they won’t be able to capture what the moment means for each person there. The challenges braved. The long nights of preparation and the hours spent in the many labs. The hours of crafting lectures hoping they will find their mark. The efforts of the staff to keep the college running smoothly so this moment could come to pass. For others it is a time to hope they will be out in that field soon.

To all it should be a time to hope the good memories will stay vibrantly bright as the new days come.

It is a time for thank you as well for all the support that has been received by those who have emulated a saying of Nelson Henderson. “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” In other words doing good for others without seeking personal gain.

May all the efforts prove worthwhile and the graduating class be even larger next year.