Let’s not smoke on 420 insteadany

Shelby Findley

420 is known as every pothead’s favorite day, pretty much a large amount of people “crush a bit roll a bit light it up and take a hit”.

Is it worth the hype?

I feel like it is not.

I only say this because if someone consistently smokes weed every day more than once a day, that person is already living like every day is 420.

All the money that is put into weed is ridiculous, and potheads don’t realize it, that or they really don’t care because they just want to get high.

Either way the day is extremely pointless.

Friends gather and hang out to smoke talk get lifted and such, but you can do that any other day.

Like going to Hippy Hill the site is a beautiful place to be, chill with friends and smoke.

Why would someone want to be around a huge group just to smoke, I think 420 is just an excuse for people to smoke and society won’t say too much about it.

BUT that’s not going to change people’s opinion on how they feel about the fact that weed is still considered a drug.

All 420 is pretty much is every weed smokers holiday, people really plan things to go and do with their friends just for this day and buy large amounts of weed and swishers or bongs and spark up.

Many people who smoke on 420 don’t even know how it got the name, in the 70s it was a code for a group of people who smoked to just meet up and have a session.

Then it became a way to tell potheads to meet up on April 20 at 4:20, or just to simply speak in code saying would want to 420?

It started off as a code.

Only people who smoked or knew someone who smoked would know what was being said secretly.

Now it’s just done to just do.

I feel that people just want to fit in and smoke, like if someone doesn’t ever smoke and they smoke on this one day it’s like what is the point?

Just trying to fit in for what, if someone is going to smoke because they like the way it makes them feel, smoke, don’t wait for one day out of the year just to do it to fit in.

I understand that 420 pretty much is just a way for people to come together that have one commonality, but it really just is idiotic to pick one day out of the year to do what you would normally do as part of your daily routine.

It’s just like a day where you can get high and have attention and nobody really say anything to you about what you are doing.

But smoking is still illegal so don’t get too bold and start chiefing in front of a police officer, and think nothing will happen.

I think that if 420 instead of people who smoke constantly and a lot they should take the one day and not smoke anything at all and be sober.

Do the opposite of what you would do just like every day.

I just feel that true potheads just smoke and treat it like a normal day, but the people who want to fit in make this day to be too much and all special.

No, you just want to be seen with the loud.

So I feel at the end of it if you are going to smoke and be a pothead, be a pothead like any other day just don’t make it such a big deal.

For those people who don’t smoke obviously out of the other 364 days of the year smoking isn’t for you so don’t start trying to get into what you don’t even do remember if you normally enjoy being above the influence keep it that way.

420 is just another day in my calender. As it should be for everyone else. I don’t participate in any weed smoking that day.