Persistance and resilience

Dexter Dunzweiler

So much can be accomplished but its only as much as you want to. The power of focus and dedication can be so great that it tends to be overlooked—to know the only limit you really have is yourself, that while there might be monetary or judicial limitations, ways towards your goals are certainly possible.

Each person reigns over their own life, but we tend to let the external environment and others control us. Sure you might have to go to work or school, or you feel that you have to, but how you do your work or study is in your control.

Things are only as hard as you make them; with an optimistic mind and faith in oneself, the possibilities are great. We can each be doctors or lawyers despite what some say; success comes from how bad you want it, if the drive is there something will budge. Persistence and resilience can get people to places that they would like to be. Sure, there are obstacles everywhere—it’s not going to be a paved path. There needs to be challenges to make the accomplishment significant.

There is an old story of a man who wanted to be successful and asked a guru for help with this success. The guru held the man underwater, almost drowning him. While the man lay under the water, the guru asked him what he wanted. The man said he wanted to breathe. The guru told the man that when he wanted to be successful as much as he wanted to breathe, he would be successful.

All in all if you make your goals more important than everything else in your world and allow for little to no distractions, that goal will be met.

For most the goal is to be successful and for each of us that word means something different. While the majority might just want lots of money, it should go deeper than that. Success in my life is more along the lines of being able to do what I love for work and earn enough to be happy. There are so many options available to each of us; choosing one that you do not feel passionately about is foolish. Even if it might not make you a lot of money, the happiness should be worth more.

Look at athletes and musicians, those who spend countless hours practicing and getting into routine. Anything you can think of has the same application. If you put in the effort results will follow.

While you might say the athletes and musicians make a lot of money, most actually don’t; they are there because they want to be there for the love of the game or music, even if they weren’t making money but still playing they would have some sort of gratification.

People need to be focused on what they want to do and not on things that they don’t. For some the focus is on the bad but the focus should be on the good. Unless one gets happiness from focusing on the bad.

We need to be one hundred percent involved in something, putting your all into a relationship or a project. While it may be risky if it doesn’t go right, the risk is countered by knowing you tried your best and gave it an honest shot. If it doesn’t work get back up, learn from what went wrong and keep going

All this might mean nothing to you, but that in its own is worth something. We all are entitled to how we feel, we are all equal in that, each of us deserve to tell others how we think or feel about something, as well as listen and learn from others. You take what you want from this, as anything in life it’s what you make of it.

For me this is spur of the moment thoughts on how I feel strongly about. You might take it as bull or nothing of value and that’s totally cool, do what you do and forget the rest.