Fight against the Freshmen 15

Alexis Nicholson


College is a stressful and exciting environment, filled with homework, projects, sleepless nights, student body events and independence. Collectively, these all instigate new beginnings and connections that create a major transition and new identity for individuals.

However, at times students intertwine with everything else occurring in the college atmosphere and they often forget about personal well being. With various activities tugging and competing for students’ attention, it leaves little to no time for a busy student to exercise and incorporate healthy choices into his or her diet. Unfortunately, the combination of excessive consumption of unhealthy food and lack of exercise can equal an unwanted weight gain commonly known as “the freshman 15.” This usually occurs in the student’s first year of college, and sometimes students continue unhealthy eating patterns throughout their college years if no change is made.

Hey, if you feel like you meet that criteria look no further! Help is on the way.

Staying active in college creates a variety of opportunities for students that will likely continue into life post college. Students who engage in physical activity throughout college lower the risk for heart disease, stress, obesity and diabetes. If you are stuck and unsure on how to start, join a club (i.e. Mighty Mustangs), create a home workout routine (search YouTube for videos) or take a morning/night fitness class at the local gym. Find a workout buddy if you want extra support, because people are more likely to exercise and stick to a régime if they know someone else is counting on them to pull through.

Dedication and motivation are very important when it comes to staying active. If you are not dedicated to exercising and not motivated to make a change, the process of losing weight/ toning up will lengthen in time. Make goals, plans and create a system that fits you best.

In addition to staying active, establishing a healthy lifestyle requires work, but it is worth it. Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely hard when quick and unhealthy choices exist in and around the college. Working hard to create a healthy atmosphere in a not-so-healthy setting can, at times, appear impossible since numerous people find it is easier to pick fast food up on the way home or to school. It remains up to you to make a difference — healthy eating increases longevity.

There is a common myth floating around that healthy food is tasteless or lacks the deliciousness of a burger or French fries. This is untrue, there are over a million recipes that exist throughout the world that taste even better than the fatty food America has become accustomed to. The choice is up to you, because once you commit to a healthy lifestyle, the cravings for unhealthy food disappear.

As diligent students our goal is to work hard to achieve success. The change to a better you starts now!

— Alexis Nicholson