We learn from our mistakes


Pete Costanza

As humans we are bound to make mistakes from time to time in anything we do. No matter how many times we can perfectly perform the same routine over and over again, there will be a time where we will eventually slip up and perform poorly.

And as student journalist this also holds true.

We volunteer our own personal time each week to bring to our readers com- pelling stories, detailed reviews and unique opinions from in and around the LMC community. As editors, we spend long hours during each page production night on Wednesdays revis- ing and changing our page layouts and doing our best to make sure our copyeditors catch grammatical errors. Still, we are students, and most of the staff is new to the ins and outs

of journalism. However, we are constantly growing in our roles as a part of this staff and will continue to

do so throughout the semester. And as a staff, we welcome readers to point out errors to us, so that we can be aware of problems and try to avoid them in future issues.

If a mistake is made on the published paper, it is permanently there. There is nothing we can do once the paper is delivered to the world. However, this semester we finally have a website and we can instantly have our web editors fix errors missed in any story.

While some of us on the staff may have more knowledge of how the journalism world works, we do admit, that no one is a professional journalist on our staff. We all come from very distinct and different backgrounds — to work on the thing that we love — and that is to tell you the news.

Mistakes can and will pop up time to time, it’s only natural. Sometimes it is a human error, or even a technology problem where one of our programs may erase important files or folders without us ever knowing.

Some weeks we may have the greatest paper you have ever seen, other weeks it may not be the best. In the end, we are students who are constantly learning.