The price for turning a page

Brianna Robertson

This is my freshmen year of college, so book shopping is fairly new to me. I didn’t really know what the experience would be like.

My mother told me you can’t buy books until you get your class syllabi. Although the course catalog suggests what you need, dif ferent teachers may have dif ferent learning techniques and might not require you to buy all of the books.

So I was advised to wait for the first day handouts to be passed out, and then purchase what was absolutely necessary, so that I didn’t overspend.

When I finally got all my syllabi and re- quired materials I made a list. I included all the mandator y books, then got on the school website and went to the online bookstore to shop for books.

By the time I had filled my cart, the total due was $316. I was shocked. I got on the phone with my mom to ask for help, She said I should find a cheaper source for my books. The search began.

I got online and started typing into the Google search engine. To my surprise many links popped up. I saw things like Alibris, a site for used affordable books, which had many different books and versions with sev- eral affordable prices. I also found websites like,, dealoz. com, and just to name a few.

After exploring and the Internet and other bookstores that carry new and used books I came to a conclusion, I can get a better deal purchasing my books online. Even with shipping and handling, the price it is still more af fordable than purchasing from the school store.

The books at the Los Medanos College Bookstore are a little too expensive. Even the school rental and loan program is steep. Eight used books would cost me $316.09. After talking to the manager of the bookstore Mr. Bob Estrada about why the book prices are high, Los Medanos College Bookstore is not the reason behind such expensive books it actually comes down to the publishers and the school faculty.

Every semester faculty are required to submit a book list to the school so that books and materials needed can be ordered. Sometimes the costsare not factored in by the teachers, they just know which book would be the best device to properly teach their curriculum, leaving the bookstore with no debate, just the ability to purchase.

There are a lot of factors with the school purchasing books from publishers who can sometimes be pricy. The school has to buy the books from the publisher in case of any issues with material, or if they need to buy back, or if they need to send the books back. Because the books need to be purchased from a credible source to reduce miss haps, it is hard to give a cheaper, more-buyer friendly priced book as profits must be made, and freight and shipping must be paid.

With the sale and purchase of books from the school book store the excess is funded back into the school for various things such as, activities, events and equipment. Last year the bookstore was able to put $61,000 back into the school.

So although we may not like prices in the bookstore, in the long run the bookstore has much to offer the school. Although I support my school I purchased my books on the Internet. After I decided what site I would by my books from I began to shop, by the time I was done my total was $165 for everything. I think the prices of the school bookstore are fairly high. But now I understand why so it is ok.

For those who can’t afford to buy books at the school there are more affordable avenues you can go to for cheaper books, like our wonderful advanced means of technology the Internet. Just use Google.