Review Crew: “Sonic the Hedgehog”


Krys Shahin and Spencer Cameron

Krys says: Growing up, I was never all that interested in the little blue alien hedgehog creature running around to collect golden rings, but I decided to see a movie based on that character for Valentine’s day and I do not regret it. 

Was the movie silly and occasionally a little stupid? Yes. 

Did it make my eyes basically roll out of my skull at the childlike humor? Yes! 

But what was amazing about the movie was the fact that it was so silly and visually appealing, after they redid Sonic’s whole character design, and I couldn’t be bothered to be annoyed with the film. 

Every time Jim Carrey was on screen, I was laughing. He was great, all of his mannerisms and amazing acting led all of the scenes he was in to be hilarious and unforgettable. 

The friend that I took to see the movie was laughing along with me throughout the film.

New character designs and silly end credit scenes made the movie so worth spending $12 for a ticket on opening day.

This movie is great, go be a kid and see it.


Spencer says:

Sonic the Hedgehog was back with a new look Feb. 14. After the long-awaited redesign of the furry little rodent from his original revealing back last year, I was eager to see how a real life adaptation of Sonic would turn out.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. I understand the movie is for kids, but this plot was way too simplistic and had so many obvious product placements.

It’s a simple movie with an extremely predictable plot. I found myself playing a game within my head the entire film, guessing what would happen next. I was correct about 90 percent of the time.

As previously mentioned, the product placement was abhorrent. It felt like every scene was meant to show off a shiny Toyota Tacoma truck and mention Olive Garden at the exact same time.

Don’t go see this movie. It’s a waste of time and I felt like they cheated me out of trying to relive my childhood just to make some quick cash with a subpar movie.