Pittsburg California Theatre and LMC to put on ‘Becky Shaw’


BreAnna Crawford, @lyniece_

The LMC drama department will be performing in Gina Gionfriddo’s witty play, “Becky Shaw” at the California Theatre from Oct. 18 to 21. The dark comedy is about a newlywed couple who wants their two “romantically challenged” friends to be together. In this tale of tangled love lives, the night takes a dark turn and they must ask themselves what is the cost of being truthful with a complete stranger.

With the play taking on a sitcom-like aspect, production had no problems when it came to the props and the costume aspect of the play.

“Production has been going really smooth actually, barely any problems,” said LMC student and stage manager Adrian Montemayor.

Many LMC students involved in the play, like Montemayor got the opportunity to become apart of the play through the Drama Department.

“I have always been involved with the Drama Department, and when I got the opportunity to become the stage manager I took it without hesitation,” said Montemayor.

Another student who received the opportunity to be a part of “Becky Shaw,” is Clarissa Barton who plays the lead in the show. Barton hopes people will enjoy the play even when it hits its dark notes.

“I hope that people can have a good time and laugh at it, because there are definitely some dark themes, but i think it’s healthy to laugh at the serious things to an extent,” said Barton.

On a personal level, Barton likes production and feels the content of the play is real and goes beyond the stage.

“I like theater that’s not fake. I think it’s very realistic how people interact with each other,” said Barton.

When it comes to the students who are apart the production, it touches them on a more personal level.

“This is about my fifth production — it’s a mark of a new beginning for me,” said Austin Trenholm, who is playing Andrew Porter in the play.

As one of the performers in the play, Porter wants to deliver the best performance he can for the audience.

“I want people to leave wondering, ‘Is that a character or is that him in real life?’ And really just build something no one’s going to forget,” said the actor.

The play is also offering a new experience for Porter. He will be playing a married man, a role he has little experience with.

“To me that’s very weird, because I never had to create a relationship that has to be believable,” Porter admitted.

Another difficulty came with pronouncing some of the words in the script.

“There has been some of those words in the play that I just can’t say sometimes… Melancholic, that is a hard word to say,” the act said.  

Tickets are now on sale at the Pittsburg California Theatre website with general admission being $15 and if you have a student ID it is $12.