Search continues for food vendors in the LMC cafeteria

Possible plans to re-open by the fall semester

Ray Kopf, Staff Writer

Since the subsequent shutdown of Los Medanos College’s Pittsburg campus, the cafeteria has been closed and without vendors due to the pandemic. But as more students come back to in-person classes, it has become apparent to the district that the cafeteria needs to reopen.
Recently, the district submitted a proposal for vendors to serve in the cafeteria.
The process of selecting a vendor is in the beginning stages, but there are vendors showing interest. Carlos Montoya, the Vice President of Business Administrative Services at LMC, is putting together a committee to judge and score the proposals received from vendors. From there, the selected vendor will hold a tasting event for two students before finalizing a contract with the district.
If the vendor meets all of the required criteria set by the tasting committee, then the plan would be to get them into the cafeteria soon.
“Our goal is to try and get somebody in here by the start of the fall semester so we can have that process good to go,” said Montoya.
LMCAS President Jeffrey Bui has been working alongside Montoya in this process.
“This is a good time to kind of look around and see what students are prioritizing in terms of food,” said Bui, when addressing the possible factors that will be taken into consideration. “Do you need a wider selection? Is affordability an issue?”
Not only, Bui states that the two tasters will be looking into dietary requirements as well to cater to all of LMC.
If a vendor is selected, the district will work to schedule the tasting event.
“The two days if we need them right now are tentatively May 9 and 10, but we don’t have any more details yet,” said Montoya. “We’re looking for a vendor to offer something.”
The cafeteria will remain closed, but the search is still on for the future vendor. Until then, food trucks will continue to be offered at LMC for the foreseeable future.