Learning Communities Conference enlightens students

Learning groups convene

Micah Simms, Staff Writer


Prior to the spring recess, the transfer academy at Los Medanos held its annual Learning Communities Spring Conference, in collaboration with UMOJA, Honors, Puente, and MESA.

The festivities began with the keynote speaker, Nina Ghiselli, who is one of the academic counselors at LMC and is also a stand-up comedian and public speaker.

At a young age, she was diagnosed with a central auditory deficit and dyslexia, along with a stutter that made school difficult. However, she became the first person in her immediate family to receive her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate. 

She struggled the most in middle and high school, especially with imposter syndrome. Ghiselli thought she was not smart enough because of her disability. 

But during her speech, the aspect that helped her throughout her education was to “find a mentor.” 

Ghisellis’s mentor was her psychology teacher, who helped her discover her passion for psychology. 

With her performance at Alameda College, she got into UC Berkeley and continued into graduate school, but she reminded the audience to, “take time to enjoy the college years.” 

However, it was not always easy, as her academic counselors discouraged her during her first week of graduate school. Telling her to “drop out” and “You do not belong here because of your disability.” Overcoming her imposter syndrome, only motivated her more to earn her doctorate in psychology. 

Ghiselli closed with a sentiment for all of the students as they begin the rest of their lives, saying they should enjoy it and work hard no matter the roadblocks.      

Following the keynote speaker, we transitioned into three blocks of workshops, with nine in total. 

In the first blocks, a UC Berkeley representative talked about the odds and the best way to get into the university. Workshops on building career experience through internships and on-campus jobs were also offered. 

After a ten-minute recess, it smoothly slid into the second block of workshops. 

The main headliner was the workshop on the benefits and experiences of studying abroad in Italy or France, hosted by Honors Advisor Jennifer Saito. 

A representative from Saint Mary’s College came to speak on tips and tricks to get into universities such as Stanford, USC, and Saint Mary’s, while also explaining the benefits of going to a private university. 

A workshop on how to study for STEM classes properly and manage your time while taking multiple STEM classes adjacently simultaneously. 

including an alumni panel of eight former Transfer Academy members who recounted the trials and tribulations of being a community college student and what ultimately led them to transfer.

Rachel Anicetti and the transfer and career department hosted the last workshop on planning college tours and giving suggestions for sightseeing.      

The event wrapped up with a final meeting for all the students, who served Domino’s pizza, leaving the students feeling stuffed intellectually and completely.