LMCAS Campus Social brings Student Life to the forefront

The event hosted campus clubs, learning communities and resources open to all students.


Photo by Sarina Grossi

Jacob Boyle holds up a sign for the Art Club.

Sarina Grossi, Editor-in-Chief

For the past two years, Student Life on campus has been rather quiet. The silence has ended, however, with Los Medanos College Associated Students hosting the LMCAS Campus Social Wednesday, March 23.

The event, located in the outdoor quad at the Pittsburg campus and spanning from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., worked as a “resource day” that was open to all students. It showcased campus resources like the Center for Academic Support, Counseling and the LMC Marketplace along with learning communities such as the Honors Program. The social also highlighted active clubs on campus, including the Active Minds Club, Art Club, Rotaract Club, Games Club, Latinx Club, Kapwa Club, Women in Stem Club and Pride Alliance.

For the sponsors of the event, it took over two months to plan the campus social, which is the biggest event since the campus has opened back up. LMCAS was in charge of reaching out to other campus groups, organizing the event details and funding the project. 

“I was really excited for [the campus social], especially because this has been an event that we haven’t done,” said Luisa Velazquez, the president of LMCAS, “and also just because we wanted to revamp Student Life.”

Stations had unique offerings, with some giving out goodie bags and general information like LMCAS and others holding activities of their own, namely the Women in Stem Club hosting trivia and giving out prizes for correct answers. The event also featured music with a playlist curated by LMCAS Commissioner for Campus Events Nicholas Sessions.

The campus social provided free food and snacks like burritos (including vegetarian options) and boba drinks. Students also got the chance to play games like cornhole and ring toss for more social interaction. Along with these perks, students were able to enter a live drawing for prizes. 

A high priority for the event was giving students an opportunity to interact with peers on campus for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic and encouraging student involvement in more clubs.

“There is more to going to college than just going to classes. I feel like a big portion of the college experience is being able to be involved,” said Velazquez. “Especially because you are able to find people that are like you. You are able to connect with them and I feel like that connection makes you more comfortable on campus.”

Antonio Moore, the commissioner of publicity and outreach for LMCAS, was the student who initially proposed the idea of a campus social. He agrees with Velazquez on the importance of campus involvement.

“It’s very important to join clubs because you get a sense of self and a sense of community,” said Moore.

Sheena Dugao, a student associate for Student Life and the LMCAS treasurer, said she is excited to see more students on campus and “to bring attention to the parts of campus not a lot of people know.”

Students, many of which are experiencing their first semester actually in-person, explored the campus social, moving from booth to booth to get a full idea of exactly what LMC has to present. 

“I think it’s just a great way for people to come to campus and interact with other students, to actually get that experience,” said Dugao.

Moore advises those who are hesitant or nervous about getting involved to take things at their own pace, as community college is about finding individual passions.

“Go into it slowly, find your space, live in your space,” he said.

If you attended the event and didn’t find a club that sparked interest, there is always the option to form your own club with LMCAS.

“If you don’t see a club you’re interested in on-campus, make one and LMCAS will support you,” said Moore.

For those that missed the campus social, LMCAS and Student Life plan to host more events in the future that will focus on student engagement and outreach.

“We’re slowly opening up and getting more events, so hopefully [students] get to join,” said Dugao.

To find out about more events, visit the LMC Student Life page.