Kinesiology and Athletics Complex re-opens

After a long dormant period, the KAC once again opens its doors to students.



LMC students Jahleel Lloyd and Migel Norwood use the weight-lifting equipment inside the Fitness Center.

Dylan Davidson, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College Kinesiology and Athletics Complex has finally opened its doors to students this fall. The complex had just been finished before the pandemic shifted classes to a virtual setting. Because of this, the building had been not used by students, until now.

The Athletics complex hosts multiple facilities for athletes and students alike such as a weight room, dance studio and fitness center. The complex also features a state of the art training room, which has cryotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, thermal modalities and more.

Colleen Ralston, the Kinesiology department chair member and KAC coordinator, is excited for the facility to be finally put to good use, “I think it’s a great opportunity and a great privilege for our LMC students to use such nice equipment. In essence the facility is brand new.” 

After COVID-19 limited exercising to an indoor activity, Ralston is ecstatic to see students be able to train in the fitness center. 

“Watching students work out here I see a lot of smiles on their faces, a lot of people happy to be back, and able to interact face to face with one another.” Ralston adds that she is glad to finally see students back, and hopes that the fitness center is used and enjoyed by students for many years to come. 

Students that enroll in the KNACT 110 class may use the fitness center any time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and must complete an orientation and read through the Fitness Center packet in the LMC bookstore.

Along with using the facilities for athletics, the complex holds a host of brand new classrooms as well. One of the faculty members who jumped on the opportunity for an upgrade was Kinesiology Professor Jennifer Saito.

After wanting a bigger classroom, someone had suggested Saito try out a classroom in the newer building. “The new kinesiology building is stunning. It’s great to be in a brand new classroom and to see students in the new Fitness Center on my way there. What a great addition to LMC’s campus!” 

For more information on the Kinesiology and Athletics complex, including a virtual tour of the facility, visit the LMC Fitness Center page.