Community comes to campus to celebrate Halloween


Photo from Weston Hopkins

Winner of the Trick-Your-Ride contest.

Weston Hopkins, Editor-in-Chief

Having been online for the majority of the year, the Los Medanos College Classified Senate organized the Trick-Your-Ride on-campus event Oct. 29. The event served to raise money for student scholarships, and ultimately over $200 was raised.

The Halloween themed event was free to all LMC students, faculty and classified professionals. The event was set up in Parking Lot A, where guests could visit various booths and participate in a contest for best decorated car. 

There were six entrants for the car decoration competition, with themes ranging from Batman to Minions to Minnie Mouse. Center for Academic Support employee Sandra Mills was the lead judge, with police services Mike Hotton and student Daniel Umo as co-judges. The judges rated the cars based on originality, attention to detail and theme execution. The scores ranged from 1-5, with 5 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest. Ultimately car number 5, decorated in a Batman theme, won by one point.

Highlighting a collaborative effort, the LMC Child Study Center, LMC Food Pantry, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, Contra Costa Health Services, LMC Nursing Program, EOPS, CARE and CalWORKs, LMC Equity and Inclusion, Police Services, the Office of Student Life and the Classified Senate, worked together to set up event booths.

The Child Study Center had a booth that gave away masks and Mad Scientists kits. The kits contained bubbles, ingredients to make oobleck, moon sand and ingredients to make a volcano. 

“We’re expecting a lot of good fun, we usually don’t do Halloween events,” said Leticia Webb who was assisting with giving out the kits for the booth. “Everything in the kits were all donated to the program.”

The EOPS, CARE and CalWORKS booth handed out snacks to students, and the Food Pantry handed out groceries and produce. 

“We want to help increase morale in the community, make it feel like normal for a day,” said EOPS manager Steven Freeman Jr. “The Food Bank is providing 125 bags of produce, and we have 85 confirmed to pick up snacks from us.”

The LMC Nursing Program and Contra Costa Health services teamed up to give out free flu shots at the event. No registration was required to receive a flu shot, and the nursing students gave out 172 flu shots over the day. 

The students administering flu shots at the clinic did so as a part of their clinical experience hours, which gives them credit towards completing the program,” the nursing program wrote in an email. 

Classified Senate President Nicole Almassey wrote of the event,

“I think the event was great. The vibe was great and everyone who drove through was excited.”