Free immigration legal consultations

Weston Hopkins, Editor-in-Chief

Los Medanos College students, staff and faculty have access to free legal immigration services from the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area. 

The IIBA was founded in 1918 and “has helped immigrants, refugees, and their families join and contribute to the community for over one hundred years,” according to the IIBA website.

The collaboration between LMC and the IIBA started back in November 2019, and over 30 students have had a consultation which can help with multiple immigration-based legal issues.

“IIBA can help with immigration legal questions. We can assess whether consultees qualify for an immigration benefit, such as a family-based petition or humanitarian relief such as U-visa, VAWA, and T-visas, and assist them with the application process. We also provide assistance with DACA renewals, green cards renewals, and citizenship applications. Sometimes, if we have funding, we are able cover the $495 DACA renewal fee,” wrote IIBA Staff Attorney Denny Kasso.

The IIBA has an office in Brentwood which is assigned to all LMC consultations, though due to the pandemic they will only take phone calls and emails. On top of the free legal service the IIBA provides, they will also be hosting a webinar on Oct. 2 through Zoom starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 11 a.m., which is open to all members of the LMC community. At the webinar the IIBA will:

“Provide information about our free immigration legal services at LMC. We also will talk about the most common immigration benefits, and constitutional rights. This webinar is geared to ESL students, but everyone from the LMC community is welcome,” wrote Kasso.

To attend the webinar on Oct. 2 register using this link. To set up a consultation with the IIBA, please call 925-237-8581 ext. 11, or book a consultation using this link. The IIBA are available for consultations Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We are eager to meet LMC students and help them achieve their educational goals by providing them sound immigration legal advice,” wrote Kasso.